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Prerequisite: PORT 204, fourth-semester Portuguese, or the equivalent

Required: PORT 310, a fifth-semester intensive course on oral communication in Portuguese

Seven courses for the major and four for the minor are chosen from the following (up to four of these courses for the
major and two for the minor may be substituted with courses taken abroad):

  • PORT 316 Brazilian Performance in Music and Dance: Copoeira (taught in English)
  • PORT 323 Cultures of Brazil, Portugal and Portuguese Africa
  • PORT 370 Modern Brazil through Literature and Film in Translation
  • PORT 375 Portuguese and Brazilian Fiction in Translation
  • PORT 382 Women Writers: Brazil and Beyond
  • PORT 385 Verbal Art, Identities, and Nation in Portuguese-Speaking Africa
  • PORT 387 Brazilian Religious Movements through Film and Literature
  • PORT 388 Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Identity in Film
  • PORT 395 Research for Advanced Students
  • PORT 398 Undergraduate Seminar in Portuguese
  • PORT 420 Portuguese Language and Culture for the Professions
  • PORT 520 Climate Change and the Cultural Imagination: Lusophone Interpretations (recently added in 2023!)
  • PORT 540 Cultural Topics from the Lusophone World

Note: Up to three of the required courses may be taken in allied fields such as Classics, History, Art, Music, Women’s Studies, etc., contingent on the level of Lusophone-related course content and with the approval of the Portuguese Advisor and Director of Portuguese Language Instruction, Dr. Richard Vernon ( We also have four different content 408 courses (LAC courses of one credit each that students can repeat for the equivalent of a full 3-credit course).

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