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Yorùbá gbayì púpọ̀! Welcome to the Yoruba world!

Yorùbá is one of the 3 major languages of Nigeria – the most populous Black nation on earth. It is spoken by about 30 million people in Nigeria and in the neighboring Republics of Benin and Togo. Large numbers of Yorùbá speakers can be found across the West African coast and all over the African continent. There is also a large diaspora of Yoruba speakers and practitioners in the UK, US (e.g. Oyótúnjí African Village, SC, and Archer, FL); Puerto Rico, Brazil, Trinidad, Cuba, Argentina. Yorùbá is one of the most studied African languages and can be studied up to the doctoral level. The rich Yorùbá culture, art, music and religion are practiced by people all around the globe. Yorùbá language is offered by more than 3 dozen higher institutions in the United States, and by several others in the UK, the EU, Japan, Brazil and other nations.

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