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Hispanic Studies Major

Spanish, the world’s third largest language and second in terms of native speakers, is spoken by nearly 500 million people across the globe. The over 50 million Hispanics in the United States have become the fastest-growing social and political segment in North America. Because of its prominence, learning to communicate in Spanish can be essential for those entering the global economic market and numerous professions. Spanish studies at UNC–Chapel Hill thrives on innovative literary, linguistic, and theoretical approaches to the Spanish-speaking world, and includes the study of indigenous, Afro-descendant, Asian, and other cultures. The Hispanic Studies major is designed to allow students to concentrate in one field of study – Hispanic Literatures and Cultures, one of three Professions, Linguistics, and Translation and Interpretation – while also exploring other areas of interest. As a result, students obtain well-grounded and comprehensive critical knowledge of the literatures, languages, and cultures of Spain and the Americas, as well as an appreciation of the language applied to a professional field. In addition to their course work, students in the major may choose to work on collaborative research, enter an Honor’s Contract, and/or pursue an Honor’s Thesis with one of our faculty members.

For requirements, see below:
Hispanic Studies Major Flyer

Hispanic Linguistics Major

SPAN 261 or 267 (for heritage speakers)
1 Grammar and Structure of Spanish
2 introductory Hispanic Linguistics courses
1 course in a language relevant to Spanish (Galician, Catalan,
4 additional courses chosen from the following:
(3) Specialized linguistics courses
(1) a second-level of a language relevant to Spanish
Hispanic Linguistics Flyer

Hispanic Studies Minor

Span 261 or Span 267 for (heritage speakers)
Span 301 or 300
4 courses of 330 or above
(except: 401, 402, 404, 405 and 601)
Hispanic Studies Minor

Spanish Minor for the Professions

Gateway course: SPAN 261 or SPAN 267 (for heritage learners)
Two semesters (in Spanish) in your chosen professional track (see options below)
Two additional culture, literature, interpretation, or translation courses (above SPAN 300)
Capstone course: SPAN 329 + APPLES (30 hours of volunteer work during the spring or fall semester)
*Program includes several summer study abroad options: Costa Rica, Peru, Galapagos Islands, Spain
Spanish Minor for the Professions

Minor in Spanish Translation and Interpreting (TRIN)

15 credits, offered by the Department of Romance Studies

  • SPAN 300 Spanish Composition and Grammar Review
  • SPAN 369 Introduction to Translation
  • SPAN 351 Spanish Interpretation
  • SPAN 370 Spanish Translation II or SPAN 352 Spanish Interpretation II
  • One elective course number SPAN 330 or above

Spanish Translation Minor Flyer

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