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Why do I study Russian?

  • I study Russian because it’s a fun language to fill my language requirement with.
  • I took Russian because it’s a critical language and ended up declaring it as a second major because I love it so much.
  • As a political science major who tries to be forward thinking, taking Russian was a logical choice. The Soviet Union was one of the two superpowers for almost half a century, While Russian influence declined following political turmoil, it is only a matter of time before Russian becomes a significant language again globally. Job prospects are great too. The US essentially stopped studying Russian after the Cold War ended, and as such there are relatively few young professionals who have this highly desirable skill.
  • I became interested in studying Russian after the Ukraine crisis—Russian will always be useful. The Russian professors are really cool; the language is really interesting, and the Russian Department is a great community.
  • I took Russian freshman year because I wanted to be an astronaut. Now I don’t think that’s gonna work out, but I am still in Russian! The department is friendly, the people are kind, the classes are fun! I got exposed to a whole new culture and got interested in Russian literature, which led to me picking up a comparative literature major. Basically, Russian is awesome and if you want a rewarding and new experience definitely give it a try!
  • I study Russian because I want to become an international lawyer in Russia / Eastern Europe one day. Plus, it’s a really fun language once you begin learning it.

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