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Why Study Italian at UNC?

  • Fulfill your Global Language requirement in smaller classes where you can make lasting friendships
  • Italian is a very easy language to learn, especially if you have previously studied Spanish, French, Latin or Portuguese
  • Take beginning-advanced courses in Italian language and conversation
  • Take additional courses (taught in Italian and in English) on Italian film, food, literature, eco-criticism, history, & contemporary culture
  • Use Italian courses to fulfill Gen Ed requirements for the IDEAs in Action curriculum, including the CommBeyond and most focus capacities.
  • The Italian Major and Minor are very easy to obtain with maximum flexibility on electives
  • Italy has several very popular study-abroad programs that can be useful both for completing the Global Language requirement and picking up courses for the Italian Major or Minor

Italian Major

Includes ITAL 300: Communicating in Italian: Media, Culture & Society + 7 electives. These electives include all Italian classes of any number, except for the language sequence ITAL 101,102, 203, 204 (or 401/402). 3 electives can be counted from related fields such as Classics, History, Poli Sci, Art History, Religion, Communication Studies, Music, and many more.

Italian Minor

Includes ITAL 300 + 3 electives (including 1 elective from a related field). See above for information about electives.

More Information

Italian Brochure

Please contact the Italian Advisor Amy Chambless ( for questions about placement, upcoming courses, or the Italian Major or Minor.