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The Department of Romance Studies offers an accelerated sequence in Romanian that will allow students to complete the Global Language requirement in only two semesters.  ROML 461 (Beginning Accelerated Romanian), offered in fall, is the equivalent of language levels 1 and 2; ROML 462 (Intermediate Accelerated Romanian), offered in spring, is the equivalent of levels 3 and 4.

The Romanian courses (ROML 461 and ROML 462) are being offered in 2024-25, and the department expects to offer them again in 2025-26; after that, the future is uncertain. Students interested in learning Romanian are advised not to delay.

If you are a beginner in Romanian, or believe that your knowledge would put you at the elementary level, please feel free to enroll in ROML 461.  If you have prior knowledge of Romanian, a placement test is required. These are scheduled individually as needed; please contact Dr. Letitia Guran to arrange a Romanian placement test.

For any questions about the Romanian program, please contact Dr. Letitia Guran.