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The Department of Classics offers a four-semester sequence of Ancient Greek language for beginners.

GREK 101, Elementary Classical Greek I, offered in the fall.

GREK 102, Elementary Classical Greek II, offered in the spring.

GREK 203, Intermediate Greek I, offered in the fall.

GREK 204, Intermediate Greek II or GREK 205, Introductory Greek New Testament

The first three courses should be taken in succession starting with your level of placement, based on your knowledge of the language. The fourth semester, GREK 204, Intermediate Greek II, is taught every other spring and alternates each year with 205, New Testament. Either 204 or 205 is recommended, but not required, to move on to more advanced study.

Courses available in fall 2024 are GREK 101 and 203 as well as GREK 221 (Advanced Greek I) and GREK 351 (Classical Greek Prose). Spring 2025 courses offered will be GREK 102 and 205 as well as GREK 222 (Advanced Greek II) and GREK 352 (Greek Poetry).

For a complete listing of Greek courses and course descriptions, consult

If you are beginning your study of Ancient Greek without any prior knowledge, please enroll in the GREK 101 section.

If you previously studied Ancient Greek in high school or college, or have any other source of knowledge of the language, you will need to contact the Director of Elementary Greek to schedule an appointment in August to discuss your placement.

If you have trouble getting into the Ancient Greek class you want, or you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss placement, please email the Director of the Elementary Greek Program (refer to the “Language Programs” tab) or the Department Manager (refer to the “Staff” tab). Look for our fall 2024 course descriptions on the Classics homepage at .