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The Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures plans to offer CZCH 401 (Elementary Czech I) in fall 2023, and CZCH 402 in spring 2024. Although these courses are numbered at the 400-level, they are available to all students including First-Years. The four-course CZCH sequence normally begins every other year.

For a complete listing of Czech courses and course descriptions, consult

If you have prior knowledge of Czech, a placement test is required.Please contact the Department’s Administrative Manager, Ms. Valerie Bernhardt, to inquire about the placement test. Placement testing may be available via Zoom during the summer; however, it’s also possible you may need to wait until after you arrive in Chapel Hill in August.

The First-Year Pre-Registration Survey can NOT result in pre-enrollment in Czech. Feel free to enroll yourself in CZCH 401 if you have no pre-existing knowledge in Czech or believe that your knowledge would place you at the beginning level; if you have pre-existing knowledge in Czech and have not yet been able to do a placement test, feel free to enroll yourself at the level you believe is most appropriate. Should you be placed at a different level, the Department can help you change your schedule in the fall.

If you have been unable to enroll in this course for any reason, you are welcome to discuss it with the instructor on the first day of class.

For more information, please contact the Department’s Administrative Manager, Ms. Valerie Bernhardt.