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Department of ClassicsWhy Study Classics?

Classics gives you a strong skill set without channeling you into any fixed career track. The combination of interdisciplinary training, an emphasis on rigorous analysis, and a broad perspective on human experiences makes Classics students competitive in many different careers. Classics can take you into a variety of fields, including Law, Politics, Business, Education, and Health Sciences.

Classics is Interdisciplinary

  • We offer a full range of courses in Greek and Roman language, literature, art and archaeology.
  • Study of the Greek and Roman world also includes history, religion, philosophy, women’s and gender studies, dramatic arts, and much more.

Classics is Rigorous

  • We expect a lot. Our faculty are willing to invest as much time in students as they’re willing to invest in turn.
  • Students who succeed in our courses hone their skills for analyzing in-depth materials, logical argument formation, and concise communication.

Classics Provides Perspective

  • Much of what we experience originates in the ancient Greek and Roman world, from the architectural elements of our campus buildings to big ideas like athletics, philosophy, law, and democracy.
  • Studying classics gives students a foundation upon which to identify roots of our society today.
  • The Olympics today are a far cry from the original footraces held in Greece – imagine what else has progressed so far!

Majors and Minors

We offer a B.A. in Classics with five different concentrations:

  • Combined Greek & Latin Language
  • Greek Language
  • Latin Language
  • Classical Archaeology – art, architecture, archaeology of the ancient world
  • Classical Civilization – broad familiarity with the Ancient Greek and Roman World

We offer the following minors:

  • Greek Language
  • Latin Language
  • Classical Humanities – intro to ancient civilization, no language requirement

More Information

To discuss any of our majors, minors, or
courses, contact:
Prof. Janet Downie
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Department of Classics
212 Murphey Hall, CB#3145
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3145