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African LanguagesAfrica

UNC offers three African languages for study:

Why Learn An African Language?

  1. Fulfill some of the requirements for a major or minor in African Studies.
  2. Fulfill foreign language requirements
  3. Do research in Africa
  4. Explore Africa’s cultural ties to the U.S. and other countries
  5. Prepare for travel, study, business, or a diplomatic career in Africa.

Do Research in Africa

As a scholar, you might want to do research in one of the African states. Learning the African languages will put you in a good position to accomplish your study.

Learn African Culture

The emergence of globalization makes it imperative for people to be aware of diverse cultures in readiness for business, jobs etc.

Prepare for Travel to Africa

Acquisition of the African language allows you the proficiency and cultural competency in communicating African people.

More Information

For more information, kindly contact the chair of the Department, email:
or the African language Coordinator Dr. Mwamzandi, email: