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If you’re new to Carolina in fall 2020, look for the virtual Languages Table at orientation! During the orientation info fair, you can drop in to the Languages Table zoom session where faculty and staff from the language departments will be answering your questions live.

If this were a physical table, it would be covered with flyers about our language programs, so check out their electronic equivalents below!  And if you would like to receive language-related news, click here to subscribe to listservs from the language departments.

Department of African, African American, & Diaspora Studies

African languages (flyer)

Department of American Studies

Cherokee language (flyer)

Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Fall course offerings (weblink)

Interdisciplinary Asian Studies (flyer)

Arabic (flyer) and more information on Arabic (weblink)

Chinese (flyer) and more information on Chinese (weblink)

Hebrew (flyer) and more information on Hebrew (weblink)

Hindi-Urdu (flyer) and more information on Hindi-Urdu (weblink)

Japanese (flyer) and more information on Japanese (weblink)

Korean (flyer) and more information on Korean (weblink)

Persian(flyer) and more information on Persian (weblink)

Turkish (flyer) and more information on Turkish (weblink)

Middle Eastern Languages minor (flyer) and more information on the minor  (weblink)


Department of Classics

Fall course offerings (weblink)

Classics info sheet (flyer)

Latin & Greek (flyer)

Ancient Greek FAQ (flyer)

Latin FAQ (flyer)

Department of German & Slavic Languages & Literatures

GenEds in GSLL courses (flyer)

Fall course offerings (weblink)

GSLL majors & minors (flyer)

Central European Studies (flyer)

We’re learning German because… (30-second video)

German Studies (flyer)

Why learn German (flyer)

Russian & Slavic (flyer)

Why I study Russian (flyer)

Department of Linguistics

ASL info coming soon!

Department of Romance Studies

French major & minor (flyer)

Studying Italian at UNC (flyer)

Portuguese major & minor (flyer)

Hispanic Literatures & Cultures major (flyer)

Hispanic Linguistics major (flyer)

Hispanic Studies minor (flyer)

Spanish minor for the professions (flyer)

Spanish translation & interpreting minor (flyer)

Request a departmental advisor to contact you (webform)