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PORT 101, 102, 203, 401, and 402 are offered in Fall 2022 and PORT 101, 102, 203, 401, and 402 in Spring 2023. PORT 204 may be available through the Language Exchange. If you studied Portuguese in high school or have learned it experientially, you may arrange to take a placement test by contacting the Portuguese advisor, Dr. Richard Vernon. NEWL exam and college transfer credits can be used to satisfy the Gen Ed foreign language requirement, but if you wish to continue your study of Portuguese, we recommend that you take the placement exam, or speak with the Portuguese advisor, to ensure you enroll in the most appropriate level.

For students who have experienced success learning other languages and wish to study Portuguese, PORT 401 and PORT 402 are options. PORT 401 (levels one and two) is designed for experienced language learners who have little or no previous study of Portuguese and who wish to move quickly through beginning Portuguese. PORT 402 (levels three and four) is designed for students who have completed PORT 401 or who have excelled in PORT 102 and wish to move more quickly through intermediate Portuguese.

For students who place beyond PORT 204, there is one more advanced course available for fall 2022: PORT 310 (Advanced Communication in Portuguese: Media & Entertainment). And there will be an advanced course offered in spring 2023 as well: PORT 323 (Advanced Communication in Portuguese: History, Nature, and Society). For a complete listing of Portuguese courses and course descriptions, consult For information about the Portuguese major and minor consult

When you register for fall courses, you may enroll yourself if seats are available. If you have questions or concerns about enrolling in a Portuguese course, contact the Portuguese Advisor, Dr. Richard Vernon.