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The Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies offers six semesters of modern Hebrew language:

  • HEBR 101, Elementary Modern Hebrew I (fall only)
  • HEBR 102, Elementary Modern Hebrew II (spring only)
  • HEBR 203, Intermediate Modern Hebrew I (fall only)
  • HEBR 204, Intermediate Modern Hebrew II (spring only)
  • HEBR 305, Advanced Composition and Conversation: Immigration, Ethnicities, and Religious Traditions (every other spring)
  • HEBR 306, Advanced Composition and Conversation: Zionism and the Hebrew Language (every other spring)

The classes available in fall 2023 are HEBR 101 and HEBR 203.  In spring 2024, we plan to offer HEBR 102, HEBR 204, and HEBR 305.  The two third-year classes, HEBR 305 & HEBR 306, are offered in spring semester of alternate years and can be taken in either order.

For a complete listing of modern Hebrew courses and course descriptions, consult

If you’re a beginner (no previous knowledge of Hebrew), register for any section of HEBR 101. Note that this class will not be offered in spring semester.

If you have prior knowledge of Hebrew and want to take Hebrew, you must take a placement test. This is true for everyone, regardless of how you learned Hebrew (in high school, at home, etc.) and regardless of any test credit or transfer credit you may have. Please go to to sign up for the placement test.

On the same page is a self-assessment guide that you can use to estimate your probable placement. You are welcome to go ahead and enroll in the class that you think is right for you when you get to register for fall courses. If your placement doesn’t turn out to be what you predicted, the department will try to help you switch into the correct class. It’s also possible you’ll have to wait until spring to continue studying Hebrew if you place into a class only offered in spring.

If you have trouble getting into the Hebrew class you want, please refer to the information and help in this registration FAQ:, or contact Lori Harris at

If you are interested in Biblical Hebrew, UNC also has classes in that; please refer to the Department of Religious Studies.