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The Department of Germanic and Slavic Languages and Literatures will offer all levels of German (101, 102, 203, 204, 301, and 302) in both Fall 2022 and spring 2023.

For a complete listing of German courses and course descriptions, consult

If you have prior knowledge of German, the UNC German placement test is required. (AP, SATII, IB, and college transfer credits are usable for fulfillment of Gen Ed requirements, but not for placement in coursework if you wish to continue your study in German.) Please take the online placement test.

You are welcome to enroll yourself based on your UNC placement test results.  (Do not take the online placement test more than once as only your first score will be considered for placement. If you have a technical problem with the test, or are concerned about your placement, please contact the Department’s German Language Program Director, Dr. Christina Weiler.)

As soon as you complete the placement exam, take a moment to check your score. It will be found within the “Gradebook” tab on the left of the Sakai page. Your placement score will correlate to the placement level listed below.

German Placement

Score Placement Level
0-70.5 GERM 101
71-110.5 GERM 102
111-140.5 GERM 203
141-160.5 GERM 204
161-180 ABOVE

Please enroll in the “placement level” listed for your score (do not enroll in the next-higher course).

If your placement level is “ABOVE,” you may contact the German Language Program Director, Dr. Christina Weiler, to discuss what course(s) you should best take.

Should the section you want be full, please consider other sections. Once First-Year enrollment has ended, the Department will look at enrollment numbers and consider increasing limits.

If you have been unable to enroll in the course section you need, you are welcome to email the German Language Program Director, Dr. Christina Weiler, on or after August 8. Please include a brief explanation, for each other open section, indicating why that particular section will not work for you.

For concerns about the placement test, please contact the German Language Program Director.

For assistance with course enrollment, please contact the Department’s Administrative Manager, Ms. Valerie Bernhardt.