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FREN 101, 102, 105, 203, 204 and 401 are offered in Fall 2022 and FREN 101, 102, 105, 203, 204 and 402 in Spring 2023. If French was your high school language, you must take the online placement exam to determine the appropriate placement. AP, SATII, IB, and college transfer credits can be used to satisfy Gen Ed requirements, but still, you must take the French Placement Exam. You may only take the online exam once. Should you experience a technical issue, please contact Dr. Hosun Kim.

FREN 101 is available to students who took French in high school and placed at this level or who studied a different language in high school. FREN 105 is designed for students who completed at least two levels of French but did not place into level three, FREN 203. FREN 105 provides an intensive review of levels one and two. It is not possible to place into FREN 102 which is for students who completed FREN 101 here at Chapel Hill.

For students who have experienced success learning other languages and wish to study French, FREN 401 and FREN 402 are also options. FREN 401 (levels one and two, Fall only) is designed for experienced language learners who have no previous study of French who wish to move quickly through beginning French. If you’ve fulfilled your language requirement with another language (or are a native speaker/heritage speaker of another language) and wish to register for FREN 401, please email Dr. Valérie Pruvost to verify that this would be the appropriate course for you. FREN 402 (levels three and four, Spring only) is designed for students who have completed FREN 401 or who have excelled in FREN 102 or 105 and wish to move more quickly through intermediate French.

For students who place beyond FREN 204, there are two courses available in fall: FREN 255 (Conversation I) and FREN 262 (Cultural and Linguistic Diversity in the French-Speaking World), and in spring FREN 255 and FREN 260 (Literature and the French-Speaking World) will be offered. At most two of these can count towards the French major or minor. For students with extensive background, FREN 300 (French Composition and Grammar Review), required for the major and minor, may be an option. (

For a complete listing of French courses and course descriptions, consult

When you register for fall courses, you may enroll yourself if seats are available. If you have questions or concerns about your placement, please attend the first day of class and discuss those concerns with your instructor who will be happy to assist you. If you are unable to enroll, get on a waitlist as seats will become available during the drop/add period. Once waitlisted students are accommodated, remaining seats will be available on Connect Carolina. The French Language Program does not allow sitting in on classes (not officially enrolled).

If you have questions or concerns about enrollment in French courses, please contact Dr. Valérie Pruvost.